Do I need a wedding videographer

Sommer and I didn’t consider a wedding videographer when we were getting married, fun fact I didn’t even know what that was. We knew we were going to hire a qualified photographer, a beautiful venue with a great dance floor, and of course a stunning wedding dress for Sommer. We ended up having a videographer at our wedding, but never received any of the footage. This was unfortunate and ended up being one of our biggest regrets from our wedding day. 

But why? I mean we got photos from the day – that’s good enough, right? 

Before we go on I want to say that having a wedding photographer is always a great idea! We believe you should hire a photographer who you enjoy being around and trust. We believe photography is just as important. BUT, we believe photo and video deliver a different experience and video tells a story that photo cannot.

Check out these gorgeous photos that our friend _______ took from COUPLES wedding. You are able to see the love, emotion, and joy from their first look. 

Attach Images From a First Look (Ask Catherine if she would share some of Marleigh and Bren’s first look photos)

These are moments frozen in time. What did they say? What were they feeling? How did they react to seeing each other? These are the little details video allows you to experience through real life recording. Here is the first look from COUPLE’S wedding day. 

Attach a Clip From a First Look Video

Like we said earlier, both photo and video are important and let you see the emotion. There is something different about watching the movement, emotion, and hearing their voices and sound around them. Your film is one of the closest ways to actually reliving your wedding day. What a gift it is to those family members who are unable to be there, maybe your future kids or grandkids, and most importantly yourselves. It is a tangible heirloom for yourselves and generations to come. 

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding. Trust us, we have been there. The amount of details you consider for yourselves and for your guests took time to create and invest. When it’s all said and done there are subtle details you might have missed or will soon be forgotten. We believe that you deserve to remember and have every moment for years to come. 

So do you need a wedding videographer? YES! Absolutely!


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